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April 19 2017 From George
I have a 1953 F500 Ford which I had lost the bill of sale and the ownership. At the time I didn't think it was going to be any trouble to replace it.A few years later as I was getting on with the project I started to work on getting the ownership replaced. That's when the trouble started Every time I went there it was always a different agent and a new set of rules.About this time I see an ad from Bud and thought this may be a plan and he can fight with the powers that be. I contacted Bud and he said he could do it in a to 10 days.He sounded sure of him self but with the grief I had over the last year I thought he was too sure of himself His fee was not outrageous so I thought I would give him a shot Much to my surprise he made the work in 5 days no grief and he was right on what he quoted me. I had my ownership in 5days. Very impressive. I would recommend Bud and his company to everyone he is very quick and professional and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you Bud .

April 18 2017
I was very pleased with the prompt service and the level of detail contained in the appraisal report. I also felt the assessment was fair. Definitely recommended!

March 21 2017 From Dave:
I recently bought a 1967 Pontiac Acadian Canso hardtop from my hometown of Leamington 4. Hours away! I was excited showing up there with cash on hand and trailer to find out I drove that far and there was no ownership! ( if I was selling I'd probably put minor things like this in my add). Regardless I did a impulse buy!!! on way home I googled Bought car with no ownership. Wow the nightmares I read! I then went to licensing office the car wasn't even registered in Ontario??? My goodness the lady at office said I had to find previous owners call lawyer etc. Needless to say I was in deep trouble! One day I was on a group page on facebook ( old autos Ontario) I stumbled across Bud posting for his business of auto appraisals and no ownership help! I almost cried!!! Long story short. Bud was at my house right on time. Spent 30 minutes with me documenting my car with a appraisal and filled out 2 small forms, paid a small fee and like promised by the end of week my ownership to my Pontiac was express posted to my house!!!!! I saved a boat load of cash and time. I highly recommend performance auto appraisal! It was nice to work with a experienced professional gentleman from start to end!!!
Thanks much Bud!!!!!!!!

March 24 2017 From Shawn
I had three vehicles that had no ownership, Bud drove 3+ hours to my location and what he did in a matter of days, I have been trying to figure out for years! My restoration projects were on hold until i could figure out what to do. He made the process painless and effortless. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that needs ownership for their restoration projects. One of my projects is over 90 years old, i thought for sure there would be problems! but no issues what so ever! Once again i cant thank Bud enough for his services! Thank you for keeping my projects going!

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